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Fully licenced with over 50 years combined industry experience backed up by leading edge technology, Acacia Plumbing is fully licensed to service all of your plumbing needs, including:

Our professionalism is backed up by our membership with the Master Plumbers Association of Australia. All workmanship performed by Acacia Plumbing is covered by the Master Plumbers Consumer Protection Guarantee and we maintain a high level of public liability insurance for your protection.

Backflow Prevention

A backflow device is a check valve which prevents water from flowing backwards into a water supply line resulting in a contaminated water supply.

Do you have a backflow device on your property?

If you do, it will require regular maintenance. We at Acacia Plumbing maintain all of the Cairns and surrounding areas backflow devices for the Cairns Regional Council and are fully equiped to maintain yours. Acacia Plumbing are supported by The Cairns Backflow Store

Hot Water Service

When it comes to intalling and maintaining your Hot Water Service, we are the experts.

We have extensive experience with a range of HWS units, including electric, gas, solar, intantaneous gas and electric boiling units from a variety of manufacturers, including: Rheem, Dux, Vulcan, Aquamax, Bosch, Everhot, Stiebel Eltron and Rinnai.

Drain Cleaning

Are your drains ready for the wet season? Acacia Plumbing can clean out your stormwater drains in time for the wet season, before you’re knee deep in water!

Our high pressure jetter machine can clean drains from 40mm to 150mm and can even cut through tree roots to leave your drains clean and clear of obstructions.

Water Wise Audits

Taking approximately one hour, a Water Wise Audit will identify any areas inside and outside your home where you can reduce your water and power usage. Essential for your rental properties.

On average, you can lower your water usage by as much as 100,000 litres per year–great for the environment and your wallet. If you would like to arrange a WaterWise Audit for your home, contact our office today to book an appointment.


Don't wait for that HUGE water bill, invest in an AquaTrip device which will automatically turn off your water supply when it detects a higher than usual flow, ie: a burst pipe. Saving you and the environment.

Maintenance and Repairs

Most of the plumbing in and around your home or business requires regular maintenance to ensure optimum performance. Acacia Plumbing will notify you when any plumbing work we have performed for you is due for maintenance. 

Scott our Chief Maintenance Plumber was trained along with his brothers, by his father in their family business back in Geelong. Scotty has been with us since the beginning, and what he doesn't know about plumbing isn't worth knowing.

Areas that require regular maintenance:

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