Hot water systems
Hot water systems are a dream, Acacia Plumbing know, since 1990

Our qualified plumbers and gas fitters can service, install, relocate and repair all major brands of electric, gas and solar hot water systems. We arrange for a licensed electrician to connect your system, and if your system needs replacing we will remove the old system for you.

(Top Tip: If you want more years out of your new system invest in an Anode. The sacrificial metal Anode is placed inside the tank. It will attract all rust particles, dirt and calcium which can clog your pipes, valves etc... This results in your service not corroding as fast therefore lasting longer and saving you money.)

What is the difference??

Electric hot water systems are storage units and provide a reliable source of hot water. They are manufactured in a wide range of sizes to suit any household and can be installed internally or externally.


Heat pumps use renewable energy to heat water by extracting heat from the air which is then stored in the water tank. Eligible for RECs and government rebates when applicable.


The gas storage hot water system range is now more versatile and offers new heat efficient models with quick recovery. Highly rated for their energy efficiency. Models are available with up to a 5-star energy rating.


Instantaneous gas hot water systems heat water instantly ensuring a constant supply of hot water. They are an efficient alternative to storage units as they only heat water when needed. Their compact wall mounted design is perfect for homes with limited space.


Solar hot water systems use energy from the sun to heat water within roof mounted collectors which is then stored in an insulated storage tank. Eligible for RECs and government rebates when applicable.




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