Solar hot water systems
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In Australia, between 50% and 95% of your household hot water requirements can be supplied by a Solar HWS. Replacing an inefficient hot water system is one of the most simple, economical, carbon reducing opportunities available to customers in positively impacting their gas and electricity use.

Ever increasing gas and electricity costs has seen more people making the move towards solar hot water systems. Solar hot water systems work by harnessing the sun’s energy, making Australia the perfect climate for utilising and capitalising on solar energy. While the initial outlay costs of a solar system can be a lot higher than other hot water units, the savings over the life of the unit more than cover initial installation difference.

Why Choose Solar Hot Water?
More Energy Efficient

Heating water by electric hot water units is the largest single source of greenhouse emissions from Australian homes, accounting for almost 30% of home energy use. Solar hot water systems are able to produce up to 90% of the average household’s required hot water annually, which means substantial reductions in gas and electricity used for water heating.

Better Value

Acacia Plumbing have discovered for our clients, that the price of gas has risen 28% over the past six years alone and solar units can save us all up to $1,000 per household annually on gas and electricity charges. How good is that?

Reduced Carbon Footprint

If you upgrading to a solar hot water system you can reduce your carbon footprint by roughly 3 tonnes annually, which is the same amount of carbon produced by a small car annually.

Free Quotes

Acacia Plumbing will happily attend your property to determine the feasibility and cost of upgrading your current hot water unit to solar. Acacia Plumbing can provide you with information that you require on how solar hot water systems function and provide estimates on the savings that can be made to your household by upgrading to a solar run system. Acacia Plumbing provide free of charge quotes for your upcoming project, talk to us today 07 4033 1888




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